San Diego Koala’s with Peculiar Names

The San Diego Zoo is world-famous for its amazing animals, and it just got even better with the addition of its first pair of koalas! Snugglepot and Honeypie were an immediate hit when they arrived in 1925, and their popularity set the stage for San Diego’s ongoing love of koalas. The successful breeding colony that exists at the zoo today is a direct result of these two furry celebrities.

Koalas are one of Australia’s most iconic animals, but they can also be found in zoos all over the world. They are loved for their cute faces and soft fur, but they are also interesting creatures that deserve our attention. Koalas eat mostly eucalyptus leaves, which gives them a distinctive smell. They can sleep up to 20 hours per day, but when they’re awake they like to play and groom themselves.

If you want to see some adorable koalas up close, head on down to the San Diego Zoo! With so many different exhibits there is something for everyone – from lions and tigers to gorillas and gibbons. And don’t forget about Snugglepot and Honeypie – these two furry friends will show you how much fun being a zoo animal can be!