I Love San Diego...Rain or Shine

It's no secret that San Diego has been experiencing a bit of a dry spell. I heard on the news the other day that around this time of year, we usually get about 8 inches of rain. By Saturday, we had about 3.5 inches. While it made me happy to see SD get the water it needed to quench its thirst, it also made me realize just how lucky we are to live in a city that's warm, sunny and just plain enjoyable pretty much year-round.

As I wandered around South Park, North Park and Hillcrest last weekend, everywhere I went I found myself complaining about the rain. I stopped at Royal Mart for a latte, mostly because I was cold, and had a full five minute conversation with the team there about how the rain ruined my weekend. "Why couldn't the rain just wait until Monday?" "Of course the rain starts on Friday afternoon just when work lets out," we would all say. And it was a joke. It's now humorous to me to think that I actually cancelled my plans on Saturday night because I didn't want to get wet, and like an elderly person, I justified it by saying it was too dangerous to drive in that rain.

But now I sit and reflect...how lucky are we? San Diego is paradise. You mention where we live to anyone outside of California, and their minds immediately wander. The words San Diego conjure up thoughts of sunshine, beaches and surfboards. And while those of us that live here know that this is only a mere sliver of what we're all about, what the rest of the country thinks about us is true. We are a city made of what most people dream of. And it's what we live every day.

What I love most about SD, is that we don't really take that for granted. We know we are lucky. We know that many people are jealous of our geography. But what I didn't realize is just how much that 3.5 inches of rain would make me appreciate it.

So when you walk outside today, soak up that sunshine, look around and love where you live.