Great Fall San Diego Eats

Fall is here, and with it comes... Great food! Since you are living in SD… Have you Checked out these awesome places to eat and drink?

1. Bottemless mimosas at Salt & Cleaver
So, the deal is, pair your sausages with $12 bottomless mimosas. Take your pick of flavors like blueberry sage, blood orange, passion fruit, and cantaloupe... Sound's pretty awesome to us! This open air concept is a great place to brunch or just hang out.

2. Whisknladle, WNL Burger
La Jolla
Whoever said a burger isn't a breakfast food obviously is rude. But, I'm sure they have never tried Whisknladle’s burger with caramelized onions, applewood bacon, Gruyere, romaine, and tomato layered on a patty and topped with a fried egg; making it acceptable fare pretty much any time of day. Though if you want to eat any of these other burgers for breakfast, no one should stop you.

3. Empire House
This Place is a great pick-me-up for those days that you are upset that you are living in San Diego (Yeah.. Right...). Great staff and great comfort food (Don't forget to try the Miso BBQ Burger!), their drinks are spectacular too. The Ginger Babushka sounds innocent enough, but this well filled beauty is full inspiration for a great night talking with friends about life's lessons. Or how much you ate... Or, how cute the staff is.

4. Cherry Bomb
Banker’s Hill
It all starts innocently enough. Minding your own business, doing your laundry next door like a responsible adult. Why not stop in for a quick drink to kill time between loads? Because: 1. One drink at Cherry Bomb is equal to three. 2. Convincing yourself you could just casually pop in for a drink isn’t the only bad decision you’ll be making that night. 3. Wait... weren’t you doing laundry? Say goodbye to your unattended wardrobe.

5. Craft beer at Hamilton’s Tavern
South Park
You can’t make a list of the go-to beer bars in San Diego without including South Park's Hamilton’s. Well you could, but it would be a lacking list... Housed in a location that has had a beer and wine license for more than 75 years, this location has had many-a-faces over the years, but the history of good beer drinkin' has long been found in the walls of this place. The atmosphere always remains welcoming, divey, and has a rotating beer selection that is always the rival to anything in town, and just about anywhere else.

6. Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill
Mission Hills
This restaurant (and full fish market) has been heralded, time and again, as one of the best places to get fish in San Diego... even by Guy Fieri. These guys use 4-5oz of fish to make a huge, healthier-than-average fish taco. There's so much fish in this taco, it doesn't really close... (in a good way). About Blue Water, fish taco expert Chris Rinder said, "There're about 20 different selections of fish at Blue Water. So you're not just offered one fish taco. You can get salmon, tuna, ahi, etc." Owners Matt and Judd Braun still do a ton of the fishing, and the load of fixings -- refreshing, good for your body things -- like cabbage, tomatoes, onions, plus white sauce and cheddar cheese, make this taco amazing.

7. Carnitas' Snack Shack
Sooo... The Triple Threat Pork Sandwich. You can't beat this pork trifecta. Stacked high with pulled pork, pork loin schnitzel, bacon, pepperoncini-pickle relish, and shack aioli, not only does this place have a dangerously addicting Pork sandwich, but the atmosphere is great to boot! Just a note, but the Hillcrest/Northpark location only offers outdoor door seating. So be wary of the weather (Kidding. 99.9% weather will never affect you :) ).

8. Soda & Swine
North Park
Known for their ability to make whole meals out of meatballs, Soda & Swine also does some  great desserts that have nada to do with meat (or carbonated beverages, for the record). Their brownie parfait is an unjustly filled goblet with layers of caramel, chocolate, and allspice vanilla ice cream (using spices from Polite Provisions next door), topped with brownie bites and a pile of whipped cream (made in-house). It's just the... Bee's knees.

9. Juniper & Ivy
Little Italy
Juniper & Ivy is putting Little Debbie to shame with their version of the Yodel. At first glance it just looks like a chocolate cylinder plated on a bed of Devil's food crumbs, but just wait until your server pours on the hot Valrhona fudge table-side, melting the chocolate shell and spilling nitrogen-frozen balls of white & milk chocolate, hazelnut brittle, and white chocolate foam. Sorry, Debbie.

10. Sushi Deli
Yes, quite honestly it does not deserve the last placement. This place does look like a hole in the wall restaurant, but this place has an AMAZING staff, AND the food is great too! In past years they have gotten the reputation as being the cheap but "good" sushi places in San Diego, but the owners have listened and upgraded their whole menu. Yes, they took away a few chicken rolls. (Wade at SD Luv is PISSED!) BUT they've replaced them with so many more great rolls that this place has always been a great go to for our indecisive group... PLUS they've upgraded the beer menu!