Top 5 places in San Diego for Taco Tuesday

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1. Lucha Libre

So, you want a good taco? This place is a beat off the path, located in Mission hills(ish), but the variety of great tacos at this place will keep you coming back. Also, the Salsas in this place... I can’t just tell you, they are only to experience.

Best Taco: Undefeated Seafood Taco

2. Pacific Beach Fish Shop

Pescetarians (and anyone who loves some awesome Mahi Mahi) this one is for you! PB Fish Shop has their own secret seasoning that really makes their fish special. What really sets it apart is their tropical salsa with mango and papaya! (You should also grab some Hawain hot sauce from the counter. Sooo good! Removed from the tables because people keep stealing it!)

Best Taco: The TKO Taco (Voted best fish taco in San Diego in 2011)

3. Puesto

Yes, they have a few different locations, but their food speaks for itself. Known for their “Mexican Street Food” style, they have quite a few different options for their tacos, catering to vegetarians, pescetarians, and meat lovers. Feeling like a great chicken taco? Their Chicken Al Pastor lo the flavors of pineapple, avocado, tinga (hibiscus & chipotle), and tomatillo roja.

Best Taco: Chicken Al Pastor

4. Tacos El Gordo

Love Tijuana-style tacos? This is the place to go to without heading south to mexico. They cook their specially marinated meat on a spit and hand slice it right in front of you.

Best Taco: Taco de adobada (roasted pork, sorry pescetarians!)

5.Bull Tacos

Grab life by the… bulls? This place isn’t your average taco stand. It builds this claim to be “inauthentic Mexican”, but why miss out on such a great Taco? With a variety of different taco fillings (even elk!) they are a place you will not want to miss out on. Shrimp? Check. Bacon? Check. Chorizo? Check. The different but great tastes in these places will alway keep you intrigued.

Best Taco: Shrimp, Bacon & Chorizo Taco

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