7 reasons why you should visit Black's Beach

Black's Beach is a beautiful and iconic beach in Southern California. It is known for its stunning views, laid-back vibe, and seclusion. If you have never been there before, here are 7 reasons why it would be worth your while to visit Black's Beach!

     1. Found in the 60's: Well kept secret till 1964

Surfers Peter Lusic, Don Roncy, John Light, and Joe Trotter stumbled up this gem of a beach in 1959. After their discovery, it remained a secret till 1964.

     2. Challenge Accepted: Blacks Beach is notoriously difficult to get to.

With multiple ways and trails to get to show some skin on the beach, you have to work for it. Access to Black's Beach is a bit of choosing your own adventure. Each trail has its own challenges. Find your way here.

    3. "Submarine Cannon"

The cliffs above Black's Beach drop off completely to the beach, allowing for larger tides, and a great experience as a glider.

    4.The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Named after the famous trail in Vietnam, the trail has been used by local surfers for generations and winds up into La Jolla Farms.

    5. Moon Lit Drum Circles

Occasionally if you are lucky, moon-lit drum circles do pop up, where people socialize around a fire, play drums, dance, and clean up the beach.