Take a hike in San Diego

The hike to Potato Chip Rock in San Diego is a short and easy trail that provides some incredible views. At the top, you will see sweeping panoramic vistas of San Diego County which makes for great photos! The climb up is not too steep so it’s an excellent place for hiking with kids or dogs. 

The hike is also fairly popular, so be prepared to see other people on the trail. If you go early in the morning or during an off-peak time (weekend afternoons), then it will probably take less than two hours round trip from your starting point near San Diego’s border with Poway.     

The trail is an easy walk for about a mile before it starts to gain some elevation. It’s been called one of the easiest hikes in San Diego County because there are no steep hills or tough climbs. You will eventually reach a fork in the trail.    

Take it to your left and you will start to get great views of Lake Poway, which is about 500 feet below. The rock itself is not visible from here because it sits on top of what looks like another peak further ahead. But don’t worry–you will get to it.   

The trail to Potato Chip Rock is well-marked, so you won’t need to worry about getting lost (unless there are major fires or other trail closures). You can see the rock in front of you as you climb higher and higher up the mountain side. It looks like it could fall at any moment, but people still climb on its thin surface. 

From the top, you can see for miles in every direction. On a clear day you will be able to see the big cities of San Diego and Los Angeles–and even Tijuana to your south if you look hard enough.