About Us


SD Luv is a California-based brand founded by individuals who recognize and appreciate the food, craft beer, wine, art, people, personalities and neighborhoods that make San Diego a culturally-significant community. Often times, West Coast culture is overlooked. We are thought of as too young to really make our mark. Here’s where we disagree. San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States. Our population is comprised of individuals who bring a bit of their cultural heritage from destinations around the world, diversifying our city and adding distinct, recognizable components to our way of life, creating a synergy that can only be defined as the San Diego way of life.

San Diego culture surrounds us every day. It’s waking up to the sounds of the Pacific Ocean, it’s finding the perfect hat to wear to the Del Mar Derby, it’s popping the top on an ice cold brew on a “hot” day, knowing it was crafted right here in our own backyards. It’s shopping a farmer’s market, it’s a walk through Balboa Park, it’s losing you breath for a moment as you cross the Coronado Bridge and think to yourself, “I can’t believe I actually get to live here.” It’s a combination of neighborhoods that distinctively boast their own unique traditions, yet somehow all collide to create the perfect combination.
Our t-shirt designs at SD Luv are a reflection of this appreciation. It’s a shout out to the sometimes-subtle things that only another San Diegan can know, understand and love. At SD Luv, our philosophy is simple…Love where you live.
We hope you enjoy these t-shirts and that you’ll wear them with pride. Should you choose to carry it anywhere else, know that others may not “get it,” and it’s important to understand why. This is our culture. This is our way of life. Own it. Live it. Luv it.
The SD Luv Team
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