Organic Strawberry Vertical Grow Bag-6 Bare Roots - 1 Bag and 6 Plants

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Well we can't persuade Mother Nature to start growing Strawberries on trees but these Hanging Grow Bags may just be the next best thing for bringing your sweet plump berries to eye level! Combined with the ever berry Strawberry plants -- winter-hardy heavy-bearing and so delicious! You'll find out just how easy "vertical gardening" can really be! Who says you have to crawl around in the dirt to grow great strawberries? Give your back and knees a break and your eyes a treat by growing your berries against the patio wall dangling from a post or hook or in any other "vertical" location you choose! Just fill the three pouch reusable almost indestructible Growing Bag with the included expanding potting soil place one Strawberry plant in each of the three pouches water it well to get the roots going and hang it in any sunny spot. It's just that easy! No weeding pesticides or gardening required!


  • Grow giant plump strawberries on your pouch patio deck front post or any hook or balcony
  • Watch your strawberries grow at eye level! Great for first-time gardeners
  • Can be grown both inside and outside. No weeding or pesticides needed!
  • Just fill your bag with the included potting soil and 6 strawberry plants water and watch them grow delicious strawberries!
  • Strawberry plants are grown and shipped from the United States

Product Includes

  • 9" x 24" reusable eco-fabric bag with nylon rope
  • Quart of expandable coco-potting soil
  • 6 live bare-root ever berry Quinault Strawberries

Planting & Care Instructions

  • Sun to partial shade
  • Bloom early summer
  • Perfect for zones 3-8
  • Require well-drained soil area


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