Raw Amethyst Open Copper Ring

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Raw Amethyst Open Copper Ring

Two pieces of small raw amethyst finish this one of a kind open ring.

Rings are made to order and will not be the exact ring shown in the photos.

As the ring is open, it fits a variety of finger sizes, from 6 to 9 (US/Canada)

Electroformed with copper and polished to a high shine. You may leave the ring to age and darken naturally, or keep the shine with a small investment of a jewelry cloth.
Average ring size for women is 7.

The Stone of Purification.
February Birthstone
With purple combining the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, it represents a balance of very different energies. Amethyst crystals carry the energy of fire and passion, of creativity and spirituality with the logic of temperance and sobriety. Even the name amethyst deriving from the Greek word ametusthos means "not intoxicated".

As most of the pieces feature raw and rough stones and are handmade please expect that your piece will vary slightly in shape and color from those shown in the photographs. Your stone will not vary in quality from that shown, so rest assured your piece will always be truly unique and beautiful.