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Raw Green Amethyst Monogram Copper Necklace

High quality and gorgeous, almost clear raw Green Amethyst stone electroformed in copper to create an organic shape pendant. The copper is given a warm vintage patina and includes a unique stamped copper tag with a personalized initial of your choice in brushed antique copper.

Add the initial(s) i n the Add a N otes to S eller box at checkout. Room for 1- 2 letters only.

Pendant: Raw Green Amethyst with Antique Copper finish
Size: 0.75 - 1 inch
16" or 18” Antique Copper Delicate Embossed Cable Chain
Initial stamped tag in brushed antique copper

February birthstone.
The Stone of Purification.
Associated with the brow or third eye chakra.
It helps in opening up the third eye chakra to stimulate psychic and intuitive abilities.
Amethyst has the power to cleanse and clear energy fields, induce vivid dreams while in deep sleep and encourage higher states of consciousness.
Amethyst also has the ability to facilitate higher communication.
Psychologically, it can help to uncover self destructive patterns.
Physically, amethyst aids in oxygen absorption and waste removal.

Please note each gemstone varies slightly and as each piece is made by hand, the final piece will also vary.

Please read my policies and FAQs for more information before purchase.

Jewelry is electroformed in 100% copper.
All pieces and components are lead/nickel free.